Abigail Lapell releases new video for Down By The Water | heartfelt and delivered with unbridled honesty

With the recent release of Canadian, Abigail Lapell’s newest album, Getaway on Coax Records, comes single, Down By The Water and accompanying music video. Call Lapell’s music what you will, bluegrass, country, prairie noir, it’s rightfully all of those things. Her songs are heartfelt and delivered with unbridled honesty. As the listener, you’re vested immediately, no escape. Abigail Lapell is no slouch on streaming platforms, her base is actively following/listening and more should follow suit; she is a true artist and performer.

Her latest video for Down By The Water is a testament to great videography and image creation. Director, Michael Clowater is guilty as charged. The video, filmed in super-contrasting black and white, depicts Lapell as a prize fighter getting pumped and ready for a bout in a crowded and chaotic boxing match. These are the things great hip hop videos are made from. Except, Lapell is hooded and escorted to the ring in slow motion while singing the beautiful melody of Down By The Water over an acoustic guitar and some barely audible crowd noise.

Abigail Lapell
Abigail Lapell

Her lyrics are apropos, but the tempo and genre of the tune are a complete dichotomy; in lies this clever piece of film making. Point of view is switched effectively throughout this video, from our protagonist’s point to the outside spectator’s view of events unfolding. Shortly into the work, clever typography introduces the credits for the song. Clowater molds this piece like a great Coen brother’s movie, or some sort of show that’s based on a Homer poem or Shakespearean story, something I have no business talking about.

Oddly, my reaction to the video was one of joy, maybe even borderline smirking, it’s how I felt at first pass, not sure why either. I mean Lapell is losing this match, but she is still delivering her message, tried and true, despite being pummeled in front of a hungry audience. She is a biblical messenger in this video, the bearer of good news for once and she loses the battle (sorry for the spoiler). Thankfully, it’s only “the movies”. Lapell and her single/official video are the real winners here.

Abigail Lapell – Down By the Water

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  • Beautiful vocals and harmonies! Love the organic simple production and the video is really unexpected for the content of the lyrics – which I think is so cool!

  • Wow this video is so cool and song so relaxing! Great vocals, keep on smashin’ it!

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