Elina Filice – Thinking of You will make you want to “unpack your baggage and leave it behind”. Even if just for a little while

Dublin based Elina Filice is back with her new single “Thinking of You”.

Elina Filice - Thinking of You

Elina Filice new spoken-word track “Thinking of You” marks the next level in her musical evolution, building the pillars on the foundations created with her previous release “Disappear”. We described “Disappear” as “Genre-defying” as it smoothly melds various influences into one conducive track. “Thinking of You” does not disappoint.  

Sound engineering mimics that used by Hip Hop stalwarts such as Tribe Called Quest, with a lack of static and surface noise, creating a smooth track, almost verging into too smooth grooves but saved from this fate by Filice’s narrative directive.

Elina Filice’s “Thinking of You” is an assumption of voice. Quite literally. It is a thoughtful, catchy spoken-word piece, reminiscent of that which bought Hobo Johnson and the Love Makers to attention with “Peach Scone”, and combines well with the minimalist musical arrangement. The song’s smooth, subtle jazz riffs, and gentle rhythms beautifully offset her lyrical storytelling and earworm worthy chorus.

A catchy summer tune that will keep you company this summer. It will really make you want to “unpack your baggage and leave it behind”.  Even if just for a little while.

For fans of Doja Cat, Frank Ocean, Noname.

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