Arrays – Quiet Away: Indie Nu Metal that won’t leave your ears alone.

Arrays - Quiet Away

Arrays’ April 17th single “Quiet Away” asks you to “relinquish possibility and quietly fade away [with them]”.

Arrays are the solo studio project of JP Carroll, hailing from Auckland in New Zealand. He plays the music, sings the music and writes the songs. His new song “Quiet Away” is catchy. The song is classic indie rock with nu-metal undertones, which on first listen seems unoffensive. The song grows on you, with the relentless request of the chorus to “Quiet away” becoming easily entangled in ears and thoughts. It can be said that with this release, Arrays have created a song that asks you to do more than just “…toil in quiet misery”.

Considered within the prolific body of music Arrays has created, “Quiet Away” fares well. The single complements previous singles such as “Too Late” and “Centre of the Earth”. Multi-instrumentalist Carroll is creating indie nu-metal in the vein of Linkin Park and others. The lyrics are emotional and filled with transient angst.

JP Carroll Arrays

The effort and hard work put into the production of this music is clear to see. “Quiet Away” is organised, well-produced and carefully arranged.

Carroll describes his songwriting as: “lyrically it’s like therapy, expressing the gamut from divorce to depression, anxiety to existential angst, hopelessness to hope.” The song is definitely a rollercoaster of emotion. He has a strong voice and is obviously a talented musician to create these songs at a quality level of production alone. Let JP Carroll help you “Quiet away, all this pain and suffocation” and have a listen to his music. We’re really looking forward to the release of his Bil Wither’s cover. Check out his Facebook page for more details.

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