Little Sleep by Joe Kaplow is the kind of single nobody will get sick of – leachy, a filter for mood enhancement

Joe Kaplow - Little Sleep

Joe Kaplow’s latest single, Little Sleep, about to grace us on October 30, is a lesson in California Indie. A lesson in the understated, laid back and non-confrontational as only Californian artists can do so well. Kaplow is no stranger to For The Love Of Bands, we’ve reviewed his work favorably in the past. His jams are always a welcomed addition to the selection process. We always have a place for him on our couch, no matter how bad shit gets.

Joe Kaplow’s new single, Little Sleep revolves around a couple of guitar gems he’s conjured, like two perfect castanets playing off of each other, Romulus and Remus except nobody gets hurt, point and counterpoint, that sort of thing. Both parts are made for each other and the result is a little slice of heaven on our RnB bread. The chords take an easy-going path in Little Sleep, nonchalant, almost vintage(y) Stones by nature. The structure is slippery and each chord evolves into the next one without any fanfare.

Kaplow stabs inward at the track with some really crude overdriven tones that shouldn’t work on the song but Kaplow makes sure of it. It’s a bit chaotic but somehow these guitar parts support his overall lackadaisical vibe on the track. The fuzz or overdriven tones are not of this earth and intensely creative. Joe Kaplow’s rhythm section takes its time with you, never hurrying or rushing. Behind the beat drumming and vocal delivery are top-notch; a well-placed slap back delay furthers the sense of falling behind or operating on little sleep. Kaplow’s 2019 release of Corncob Pipe is a standing favorite of mine. His lyrical wit and general demeanor is just what the doctor ordered.  

Joe Kaplow
Joe Kaplow

Little Sleep is the kind of single nobody will get sick of, it’s not obnoxious, boisterous or attention-seeking. It’s leachy, a filter for mood enhancement, a useful tool for the listener that needs extra coddling.  Like all of Joe Kaplow’s songs, Little Sleep will be the odd man out, the only track you may repeat mid playlist, the hair you run your fingers through because it begs of you. In your travels, stop by Kaplow’s website (you remember those don’t you?) it’s filled with great art direction and engaging photography of the artist hard at work, California style of course.

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  • Hey! This is totally vintage! I really liked it. It takes me back to my days living on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf just chillin’ with my bare feet in the sand and the salty air whipping through my hair. Ah! You did it justice, and very creatively at that.

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