A Pale Woman by Big Brutus : believable, genuine and credible vocal delivery

A Pale Woman is a genuine, well-thought-out track that falls in a category of songs that "more work has gone into them than meets the ear".

A Pale Woman by Big Brutus

Atlanta-based Sean Bryant is at it again with his new single, A Pale Woman, released on October 14th. Sean Bryant’s project, affectionately titled, Big Brutus is a collection of this singer songwriter’s diligent and endearing work over the past half-decade or so. The Big Brutus streaming collection is filled with albums and singles worthy of dropping in on. Sean, a guitarist by nature, makes moody folk music that is introspective and pensive by design and delivered via a Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Sean Bryant achieves vocal gold by layering his voice along with the addition of a faint female falsetto that appears in much of his work. The texture he creates runs through other Big Brutus songs in his impressive catalog and is the stand-out element of single, Pale Woman.

It’s a believable, genuine and credible vocal delivery, without much fanfare, so refreshing. His folk background shines when flavours of upright piano tones replace the grand piano staple, dry and boxy acoustic guitar tones replace the vanilla box polished sounds that are heard way too frequent today. The single, A Pale Woman is a genuine, well-thought-out track that falls in a category of songs that “more work has gone into them than meets the ear”. Negative space throughout the single allows for moody piano and gravelling cello to have its way with the listener. Add Sean Bryant’s poetic lyricism and you’ve got a playlist worthy single here.

Big Brutus
Big Brutus

Of note is the outro of A Pale Woman. An interesting musical break with what sounds like swirling, reverse guitar parts releases the single with creativity and a feeling of musicality and clever production elements to boot; always let the music play on. Big Brutus is definitely worth the trip and a follow, I truly believe more great work is coming our direction.

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