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d1do is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. We sat down with Anthony DiDomenico to talk about his music, latest release, goals, inspirations and some fun facts! Anthony, please introduce yourself:

My name’s Anthony! I’m a Canadian artist and through music, I’m here to inspire the fire we all have within us to live & create our highest dreams. I believe we can all rise in LOVE together & you’ll strongly feel this essence through my inspirational pop/hip-hop music!

Where do you come from?

I’m an Italian male raised near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After attending a leadership program in Southern California a few years back, it was clear to me that the music I have ready to share is an essential part of my true expression and it is not only my calling but my responsibility to put it out so the world can catch the frequency and value of what I have to offer.

Tell us about one of d1do’s tracks, the process behind it, how did it come together, why did you write this song etc.

LiTTLE MORE is my most recent release and part of my album that will be dropping called STiLL DREAMiN’.
This song taps into the emotion of a new couple who have just met and fall madly in love with each other. The feelings are so strong for both of them but there is an internal push & pull taking place with both of them.

They have their disagreements but they both know they’ve found their someone and now are almost begging for a LiTTLE MORE time with themselves before stepping into the intimidating yet powerful commitment of love and marriage. In the end, the man finally finds presence in his relationship, realizing this is the love he’s always been dreaming of and it’s HERE NOW. There is no need to resist, but rather surrender to it. ??

I wrote this song because oftentimes we get caught up it where we’re ‘supposed to be’ and thinking or worrying about things 10 steps ahead of where we’re at. This song is a reminder to embrace where you’re at NOW, because it’s all part of your path to your greatest destiny. Don’t get too in your head and just experience it fully.

LiTTLE MORE Official Music Video

What made you want to become a musician?

Since I was a kid, I used to have visions before going to sleep of me being on stage in front of large crowds. For a large majority of my life I pushed these visions aside considering them ‘random’, and ‘just coincidence’. After participating in a 4 week leadership program, I soon realized that these were no coincidence. This was my intuition, showing my a blue print of my life’s highest destiny and it wouldn’t come to reality unless I choose with my free will to act upon this.

I am sharing the journey every step of the way as a beacon to the future generations who will be able to see my full story, from when I took the leap into a dream, to see the dream fully actualized. Helping them recognize that they too can do the same.

What are you known for?

LOVE & positivity. Through the music, the videos and through the group as a whole, the feeling is clear that we are here to assist in bringing in feelings of hope, joy, enthusiasm, inspiration and self-empowerment. We have plans to perform at festivals around the world as not just a performance, but an interactive activation as well as within some of the private education systems.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

I’ve always been a believer in art as a voice, specifically music. Emotions are a universal language and a powerful approach to expressing feelings. For example, we do our best to make a new born child smile. Though we can’t intellectually communicate yet, we know that when we do something funny, and they laugh at it, you can instantly feel a quantum spark and connection. Music has that same ability. Beyond the words, beyond the melodies, beyond the instruments, there is a universal language being spoken with the power to shift the way someone is feeling, all through the intention and frequency infused into the music and performances.

What is the most interesting thing we don’t know about d1do yet?

We’ve created a new genre called AFFiRMATiON ANTHEMS. This is inspired by Mantra Music performed in the east. By integrating this inspiration with the neurological power of positive affirmations, infused with catchy sing-a-long radio friendly choruses we shall heal the world subliminally and scientifically through the power of music.


Would your music sounds the same 10 years ago?

I’m so grateful life happened the way it did. If I had pursued music earlier I would have burned myself out by approaching the vision from a more immature state of consciousness. I would have created songs based on ‘what people liked’ or ‘what was popular’ vs. taking the approach I am now. Expression who I TRULY am and recognizing that is the true value I have to share with the world. By me fully expressing my authenticity, that alone makes me a ‘unique’ artist because effortlessly, there is no one else in the world like me.

What is the most hilarious gig you ever performed, why was it so hilarious?

I was part of a New Years Eve experience this why by far the most comic performance I’ve ever been a part of. What made it so funny was the fact that I was the MC and host of the evening, but also had a performance so there was a moment where I switched characters from MC to performer and the crowd was not expecting this. It was comical but ended up being well-received as it was the first time testing an AFFiRMATiON ANTHEM in a public environment, helping crystallize the vision.

What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

Believe in yourself, especially when no one else does. An incredible artist/friend of mine, Xuso Jones from Spain told me this in his early days approaching being a musician. He told me one day he’d be opening for Justin Bieber and be signed to Universal Music Spain. I was young at the time and had my doubts. ‘This guy’s dreaming’ as if he’s going to open for Justin Bieber the biggest artist in the world with no short term signs of that being a possibility.

Sure enough, years later, all came true. I saw how much this impacted me and it’s now what I’m doing on a larger scale, so that I can inspire everyone who’s been watching from day one of this journey of following my heart.


What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with?

I’ve always loved electronic music. One of my favourite artists was Avicii. I’ve always loved this style of music with vocal melodies and electronic synth sounds. It would be amazing to magnetize a musician specifically experienced in the mastery of this genre of production. I have a lot of melody ideas in this genre and just need someone with the technical experience to join forces with to create some magic.

Thanks, Anthony for your honest answers! Connect with d1do via

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  • LiTTLE MORE is such a catchy song, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! Thanks for sharing your positivity and looking forward to some Affirmation Anthems!

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