Scott Klein – Sunshine is a sonic tour of barren landscape and never-ending prairie vistas

Scott Klein - Sunshine

Scott Klein and his newest release of single, Sunshine, on May 20th is a sonic tour of barren landscape and never-ending, prairie vistas that could only come out of the northern provinces. Written for an ex-lover while on the plains of Saskatchewan, Klein culminates his sensory and poetic prose while nodding to the stylings of the bygone years for his latest release.

Sunshine takes its time with the listener, never hurried, it plods through its chord structure like a jilted lover with no schedule and only time on their hands. Klein asks of his ex-lover, “what now?” during the track. Lyrically, it’s not an angered lover, more one with burning questions and the weight of being on their own bearing down upon them. Sunshine is steeped in classic rock, maybe a smokey overtone of the 90s like that burning thing the bartender puts in your whiskey that you’re never sure what it does, but it’s always welcomed.  

Klein and his band expertly set the stage for western, twangy, indie-film-type, negative-spacey vibes. Guitars are hollow, tremolo-kissed and authentic, rhythm section is never in the way, a trusty, gun-fighter’s back up.

Scott Klein

Vocally, Scott Klein delivers a performance worthy of note. His almost Brit Pop tendencies and little bit of whine fit nicely in this Americana track. Well-placed, back-up vocals on verses almost gives a Jeff Lynne-type production value; it’s a nice treat against the North American backdrop. Guitar solo is another great stopping point along this track, reverb and delay-soaked, it’s never overplayed and does a perfect job of adding a little tension to the track along with a pivoting rhythm section.

Sunshine is a playlist worthy track, road trippin’, late night, pensive, creative, whatever your upcoming day demands of you, take this Sunshine along.

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