Interview with singer-songwriter & devoted performer Peet Jackson | New Music For The Love of Bands Episode 5

Peet Jackson - New Music Podcast Episode 5

Hailing from a northern family of musicians, singer-songwriter Peet Jackson has performing in his blood. From one-man-and-his-guitar solo gigs, to nights with a full rock band, he cannot go long without the joyous rush of playing live. 

Peet Jackson
Peet Jackson

In Episode 5 of The New Music Podcast, Jackson speaks about his latest release, The Cauldron, along with writing in general, his inspirations and growing up loving the musical greats. Despite not being able to put on shows at venues all around the country, Peet has found himself turning to live-stream gigs, warming the hearts of both viewers and himself. Nothing can prevent him from playing live. Except the one time in his life he lost his voice. 

The Cauldron, which came out on Sunday 26th April, is a folky track with raw vocals supported by classic acoustic guitar and harmonies worthy of Simon & Garfunkel. Although not completely confirming the meaning, he suggests that the lyrics may be referring to himself, making the song a journey through self-reflection. 

Peet Jackson
Peet Jackson

The Cauldron is available to stream now, but you can also listen to the full interview with Peet Jackson on Episode 5 of The New Music Podcast. If you enjoy the track, wish to attend his online gigs, or perhaps want to have a pint with Peet once this is all over,

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