BRUUT! with Anton Goudsmit- Baha-ree-ba! – playlist worthy, wave catching Surf Rock


Baha- ree-baa! is the latest new single from BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit’s collaborative surf rock album, Go Surfing and cover all the bases set out by Dick Dales’ 1960s genre-defining music.

This energetic track melds the synonymously instrumental surf rock reverb with repetitive sax and rhythmic clarity.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this “Super Jazz” group, once described by Esquire as “the best-dressed band in the Netherlands” BRUUT! blend high energy, dance inflicting melodies with hypnotic, looping guitar and drums.

Leading jazz guitarist Anton Goudsmit joins the band, creating irresistible grooves, and an auditory depth.

BRUUT! with Anton Goudsmit

‘Baha-ree-ba!’ written by saxophonist Larry Gillette from the legendary surf rock band The Trademarks was recorded for the series ‘Analog Masters’, where bands record their music directly to tape at Power Sound Studio in Amsterdam, with no post-production involved. This creates a vintage reminiscence hurling the listener into a 60s Californian muddle. You can check out the video below:

BRUUT! are currently playing shows across the Netherlands. See their Facebook page for some foot-stomping upcoming dates. Their new album GO SURFING is out on Munich Records (V2 Records Benelux) now.


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