Matilda Mann soars with her latest single “Japan”

matilda mann

Since stumbling across Matilda’s hauntingly beautiful ballad, “The Lockness Monster”, I’ve been a fan of the future Glastonbury 2021 alum. And with her latest single, “Japan”, Mann doesn’t disappoint. Her sultry songwriting soars with the smooth confidence of a seasoned soul way beyond her years.

Mixolydian melodies, jazz inspired cord progressions, calypso-esque rhythms and solid basslines have all become trademarks of Mann’s music. Her minimalist approach has resonated with people from all across the globe. And true to form, the simplicity of instrumentation in Matilda Mann’s single, “Japan”, proves how powerful less-is-more can be.


Mann says the song’s inspiration came while binge-watched Gossip Girl; “….they would always fly off to Paris or do something extravagant and I thought, if I was 17 and heartbroken (and rich), I’d fly to Japan to cry and distract myself until I got over them.”

Matilda Mann’s single, “Japan”, will appear on her upcoming sophomore EP Because I Wanted You To Know. Set for release on November 20th, the EP also includes previously released “Happy Anniversary, Stranger“, “Robbed“, and “As It Is.”

Listen to “Japan” now playing on our NEW INDIE MUSIC playlist.

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