Premiere: Steve Stout of folk duo ØZWALD goes solo for ‘The Hitching Post’

The Hitching Post - Steve Stout

After releasing two records via his band ØZWALD in 2020, Steve Stout announces his first solo single ‘The Hitching Post’, released through the label he shares with his band-mate Jason Wade, ALLSWELL RECORDS.

The psych-rock tinted folk track was in fact written by Stout’s wife, Courtney, who revealed she had written some lyrics sometime in the past year, but, out of self-consciousness, had left them in the car and out of sight from her musician husband. All was revealed following a few drinks shared between the pair, but Lay shouldn’t have worried, as Stout was so taken with her concept that he went on to build a song from it, collaborating with his partner until ‘The Hitching Post’ was complete.

Steve Stout
Steve Stout

The couple’s team effort explores the state of being stuck somewhere you’ve grown out of, with Stout describing it as, “feeling restless at a small bar in your hometown and knowing that you don’t fit in”. The lyrics reference “a human zoo” – an apt metaphor for the gossip and prying eyes that pervade small town life, felt especially by those who fail to fit the mold, and something that surely many musicians and creatives can relate to.

The perceptive and relatable tune has a swaying electric guitar line that lets you gently drift along, and Stout’s vocals lead you through his train of thought with easy charm and folksy warmth. The sleepy song is officially out tomorrow (Friday 12th of February) but for now, you can catch Stout’s impressive live performance of the track, here.

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