Vaeda Black – Suicide Love

A Young Alanis Morissette

Vaeda Black

Watch out world here comes the young and vibrant Vaeda Black, seventeen-year-old soul singer based out of Long Island, New York. This master songwriter, just a senior in High School, will be climbing the charts in no time. I am a lover of all music and after hearing her latest single “Suicide Love” I have a new love for exploring music outside my realm. Vaeda is able to tap into her songwriting gracefully, lyrically, sonically, and visually.

At just 7 years old she knew she was destined to be a great songwriter. Those years in musical theatre built the frame of where she is today. Vaeda reminds me of Alanis Morissette, a soulful rugged voice with fun meaning and the ability to make you fall in love with soulful pop.

It takes courage to be yourself and express yourself in such a way Black has done. She is showing the world what the next generation has to offer. Black will teach us to embrace our creativity and inner youth. It doesn’t have to be such a hard place. Vaeda’s music will send you in a Zen of relaxation along with the spice that you need to enjoy life.

With the release of her single, ‘Suicide Love” released on October 10th of 2018 she is definitely making a statement. I had a chance to check out her youtube and quickly fell in love with  “Face Down” a song that was released a year ago. Here is a taste of what Vaeda has to offer.

Be sure to check out “Suicide Love”

I truly enjoyed her music and at such a young age she is definitely headed down the right path. Be sure to check out Vadea at all her Social Media handles and be sure to let her know that For The Love Of Bands sent you.








Vaeda Black

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