rosecoloredworld – Walking on the Sun | A psychedelic exploration of rose-colored-revelry

rosecoloredworld have all the potential to not just be successful but to be HUGE.

I think everyone is familiar with the popular idiom ‘seeing through rose-colored glasses’. It denotes a person (or people) who willingly block out all literal and figurative forms of negativity from entering into their perspective. They see only the good because, in their eyes, there is only good. But for L.A. based indie-pop duo rosecoloredworld this simple turn-of-phrase is anything but. For bandmates RAE and Addison Scott, rosecoloredworld encapsulates an idea, a motto. Most importantly – it’s about starting a movement.    

Now, If I were to tell you the story of how RAE and Addison met, you’d probably think I was lying. Their initial encounter is so positively serendipitous that it sounds like the makings of a Judd Apatow movie. One night, RAE and Addison were out clubbing in downtown L.A. In Memoriam to the fallen rock star, Tom Petty, both Addison and RAE wore circular rose-colored sunglasses. The two strangers spotted one another from across the crowded room in a shared slow-motion moment of realization. Sixpence None the Richer began to play, champagne fell from the sky, and the two danced with one another long into the night. Ok, that last part probably didn’t happen but hey – it’s my rose-colored story, after all. The rest, so they say, is history. The two began collaborating and writing music the very next day. Culminating with the release of their debut music video for ‘Walking on the Sun’. 

The video is a small glimpse into RAE and Scott’s rosecoloredworld. It’s a psychedelic, transcendent ‘tea party’, dripping in Dionysian excess. In short, It’s the after-party of your dreams. RAE and Scott perform alongside a full band and belt out the anthem of their most recent earworm. In an apartment brimming with lovers and friends, the scene is both titillating and demure. It feels inherently out of place, almost foreign. Kind of like RAE and Scott were beamed on the stage from another decade. The duo’s fashion, choreography, and ambiance are what help set the tone for ‘Walking on the Sun’. Piloting the audience through a rose-colored lens of revelry.  


More than anything else, ‘Walking on the Sun’ is catchy. Addison Scott’s incredible falsetto is impossible to ignore, conjuring images of a young Pharrell or Justin Timberlake. Pair that with the powerful, driving vocals and lyrics of RAE and what you have is one massive pop tune. rosecoloredworld have all the potential to not just be successful but to be HUGE. I can already picture an audience of thousands, all adorned in rose-colored sunglasses, dancing and singing their hearts out. Their funk-infused style of indie dream-pop is so sweet that it could literally rot your teeth – in the best way possible. The future is truly bright( (and rosy) for RAE and Addison. 

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