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Laity is an up-and-coming indie-pop and worship group with a sound that sits somewhere between contemporary Christian music and a well-worn VHS tape in the best possible way. With their most popular release Wide Place having nearly 1.3 million streams on Spotify, their newest release “The Way (You Love)” is sure to touch many with a positive and thoughtful message. Based out of the D.C. area, Laity brings together artists from all over the country in a way that melds high-quality production and raw experience.

The band started on a high school football field in 2017. They put out their first album in 2018, and promptly did a summer tour. They are quite prolific, dropping new singles every Friday. All of that momentum is aimed at their sophomore album Let Yourself Be Loved , which will be released on May 29th.

In terms of sound, Laity definitely likens itself to dream-pop and indie-vibe instrumentation. Swirling synth textures, gentle head-space, and passionate lyrics coat every track they have released thus far. They paint a very rich sound-scape, carving out quite a broad audience for the world of worship music. Fans of synthwave, Sarah Juers, and Radiohead could all vibe out to tunes from this uniquely-styled group

You can pre-save their upcoming single, and check out some more of their discography here!

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