Gateway Drugs – Slumber is a shimmering single of hooky guitar parts and slick, understated vocals

Gateway Drugs released Slumber and accompanying music video, April 24 on YouTube and supporting streaming services. Dreampop/Psych Pop fans should bask in the glory that is this release. Slumber is a shimmering single of hooky guitar parts and slick, understated vocals that make up what every successful single in this genre is made of.

A Staunch rhythm guitar track and dry, but purposeful drums are the foundation of the 2nd single from the May 8th release of LP, PSA. The track was produced by Sune of The Raveonettes and successful was the task at hand. Vintage tones of single coil love and rich delays adorn this catchy pop piece. Lead guitar is reminiscent of early Peter Buck or mid to late 80’s Cure. It’s well-placed and song-supportive, knowing when to switch between lead role and supportive layering, this is a museum-quality example of such.

Tones are well-rounded and never grating. This single is engaging, it makes you want to pick up your guitar (air or real) and play along, it’s inviting and uplifting by nature. That element makes this single accessible to a wide range of listeners and there’s never shame in that; we all need Slumber.

The video finds Gateway Drugs doing what they do best, hanging around their hometown. Maybe even showing it off for better or for worse. It’s where these musicians flourish, it’s where their art comes from and that’s sort of a badge for any act. Scenes of the band meandering around the streets, recording studio, etc., reveal a laid-back outlook of their existence; therefore, the viewer also partakes in said existence. It’s completely welcomed. Tech-savvy shots and digital effects of the band counter the candid exploits in a really nice way, it reminds the viewer that this band is “in tune” and current, not your father’s Oldsmobile.

Gateway Drugs

I read somewhere that this band has 3 siblings in it, I don’t even have 3 siblings and I know I could not produce something creative with my one! So, kudos there. I’m going to spend some time with the rest of this album, especially on a day where it just feels good to be alive.

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  • Makes me want to leave the house and get drunk somewhere!! Oh, we’re in lockdown… I’ll just dance around the house instead.

  • The guitar is definitely a highlight here. Catchy song with a shimmery, and light atmosphere that takes the listener on a rather enjoyable sonic rollercoaster. Definitely going to be on the look out for future releases

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