Emily Molloy – Catastrophes | Dark, Bluesy with Grungy Undertones

Emily Molloy

Dark, bluesy vocals with grungy undertones, Emily Molloy’s latest single Catastrophes is a stupendous addition to her already strong back catalogue. She definitely hasn’t lost her way. Give it a listen for guaranteed goosebumps all round.

Emily Molloy is “one part blues, one part soul, and a gallon of rock and roll, her voice would be at home in the smokey basements of a Chicago cabaret, or down the graffiti and rain-soaked back alleys of Seattle.” It is clear why she’s one of the current darlings of the Vancouver music scene and the professionalism of her band shines through. This song definitely conjures up smokey bars and dangerous liaisons.

Her voice portrays guttural strength throughout. The accompanying rhythm and blues, interspersed with the heavy guitar her band lets rip, enhances her vocals, placing them, where they belong, at the centre of the song. Emily Molloy draws influences from the best bits of QOTSA, evoking Josh Homme’s collaborations with PJ Harvey during the Desert Sessions. Elements of Betty Davis’ defiance and Janis Joplin’s lyricism contribute to creating something familiar, which is at the same time original.

“Help me breathe” is growled throughout. A plea, but also demand for attention. This song coverts your curiosity and it deserves it. It is an awesome example of excellent production, songwriting and clear direction. Being a singer-songwriter is definitely a vocation and Molloy epitomises this.

Keep Emily Molloy on your radar. With collaborations and new music in the pipeline, we can’t wait to see what she does next. It’s a great time to join her on her musical journey. There really were no catastrophes insight if she keeps creating music like this song.

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