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Press Release

Sam Gifford Releases Debut single “Something Else”

"Something Else" can be seen as a reflection of my own life and my own insecurities, thinking back to a time that I let fear prevent me from singing in public. In likening to that story, this song is about the risks worth taking, and how perhaps a risk for who and what you love may not be a risk at all. Talking about the changes we are capable of making and the moments we are capable of seizing. Time waits for no man, Do we live a life where our hopes remain hopes or do we choose Something Else? - Sam Gifford

Press Release

Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Angela Predhomme Brings Her Unique Sound Live To Cincinnati, Ohio

Angela Predhomme is set to perform at Stanley’s Pub on Friday, January 10th, 2020 in Cincinnati, Ohio at 9:00 PM. The blues/adult contemporary artist is bringing her angelic and soothing voice to an intimate and perfect setting. During the concert, Cincinnati community members will enjoy a unique music experience: they will be treated to the versatility and emotion-packed sound of Angela Predhomme.

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